February 2023 Updates

Tons of updates to tell you about. What is going on with my health? The last several months I have endured a few minor EGD dilation surgeries. Meaning I have had the area of my new esophagus stretched. At one point I was doing this every 2 weeks, then moved…
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Rock the Treatment


Captains log: Earth date 12072021 Ok as promised a few weeks back here is what my friend Caleb sent to me. It is freaking awesome! At some point in the future I will pay it forward to someone that needs it. For now, here it goes. It has lots of…
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The beginning

Captains log: Earth date 12062021 Day Zero, Well it is that day to start my lab work. They used my medit port today and I did not feel a thing. I was a bit nervous going in just to get blood work since I had no clue to how this…
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Weekend, it needed me and I needed it

Captains log: Earth date 12052021 After Friday being a very bad day emotionally, My wife’s was here for the past two weeks, she needed her and I was pleased as always to have here. Much needed company and even the dogs loved having her around. Anyhow, Saturday morning we took…
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