Random Thoughts

What is going on?

Lately I have been struggling with eating most of the time. It got a little better after the last procedure but it then went back to me having a problem each time I eat. Let me explain. The procedure does work. It stretches the area. The problem is not enough…
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Another scope

You read that right, going for another EGD scope on June 17th, 2022. For the rest of you, that is getting esophagus stretched (dialed they call it) I am better, but I still struggle from time to time. Most of the time I am doing well from eating to drinking.…
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Weekend, it needed me and I needed it

Captains log: Earth date 12052021 After Friday being a very bad day emotionally, My wife’s was here for the past two weeks, she needed her and I was pleased as always to have here. Much needed company and even the dogs loved having her around. Anyhow, Saturday morning we took…
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Looking for direction

Captains log: Earth date 12022021 Nothing new today really, Lot of driving and thinking. Took my wife and her aunt to Alpena for lunch and just to get out. It was a good feeling to just relax and not put a lot of effort into things. I’m a little emotional…
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