Mark Wariner

September 2022 updates

Your back! So I must have intrigued you to find out more. On this blog I will explain where I am and what has been happening. Today I had my monthly chemo. I will be on this till April 2023. It goes pretty well, meaning I get the drug and…
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What is going on?

Lately I have been struggling with eating most of the time. It got a little better after the last procedure but it then went back to me having a problem each time I eat. Let me explain. The procedure does work. It stretches the area. The problem is not enough…
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And yet another scope

UPDATE: Hey folks. So, I was having problems since the first scope. Eating was not as bad. I was able to eat finally but still a struggle. I had called the surgeon and spoke to her on the phone and we agreed another EGD and stretch of the esophagus was…
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