And yet another scope


Hey folks. So, I was having problems since the first scope. Eating was not as bad. I was able to eat finally but still a struggle. I had called the surgeon and spoke to her on the phone and we agreed another EGD and stretch of the esophagus was needed. The first one, she was very conservative. I was ok with that knowing I just had the big surgery since March of 2022.

We had scheduled the next procedure on June 17th, 2022 at 12:15. When we got to the hospital door they called to cancel due to an emergency. We agreed it would still happen but later in the day, I finally got the call tio be there again, at 4pm. I made that happen. I was the last one she was doing that day and I went in at 6pm and was out by 6:40pm.

As I write this post on the evening of Monday June 20th, 2022, It is better. I still struggle but much better. I am really getting tired of the struggle and not being able to eat when and how I want.

For now, back to eating soft foods only. I have to gain some weight. Lost too many pounds, hitting almost 60 since the major surgery. UGH!

Time. Time is all I need to figure this all out. I am winning, just a daily struggle to eat. That’s it for now, I will update as the days progress.

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