September 2022 updates

Esophageal Cancer

Your back! So I must have intrigued you to find out more. On this blog I will explain where I am and what has been happening.

Today I had my monthly chemo. I will be on this till April 2023. It goes pretty well, meaning I get the drug and then by the time I get home, usually 2 hours after, I am tired and sleep for 3-5 hours. After that I am hungry and I will either eat good or I struggle.

Struggle is the key word. It is a daily thing now days to eat. Someday I can eat really good with no problems at all. Other days I can usually tell in a few moments if this will be a good eat or bad eat day,. Drinking is typically not a big issue.I do stay hydrated If your wander why this is a problem. It is real simple. They removed my esophagus and replaced it with my stomach. After surgery, you develop a few issues, one is air phasia. Your food and air struggle to go back and forth and sometimes, like in my case, an air bubble happens and then your food will not go down. Your will not digest and you typically spit it back up within a few moments. If it is a success then your going to eat pretty good.

This is an everyday struggle and probably for the rest of my life. I do hope it gets better but for now, it is one day at a time.

Chemo is going well. I get to have my first CT scan in October since surgery in March 2022. I can’t wait as I really want to know the results and see what is if anything is going one. More to come.

All my vitals are good. Except now my Thyroid is out of whack. So I get to take medicine for that. Not sur ehow long or the rest of my life. My potassium is back up but not normal. I need to be at 3.7, I have been 2.9-3.2 and today i tested 3.4. Everything else was good to go.

That’s all I have for now. Simple quick update.